Life & Disability

In the current litigation climate, disputes over individual life and disability policies are virtually synonymous with first-party bad faith litigation. Traps for the unwary abound.

Litigating and resolving these first party disputes requires not only knowledge of the underlying substantive law, but a recognition of the tactics commonly employed by the life and disability plaintiffs’ bar. Our life and disability litigators have that experience and knowledge. We have litigated more than one thousand life and disability matters. Our firm is nationally recognized not simply for its vast experience in this field, but for its significant successes.

Our experience is not limited to the courtroom. Many of our attorneys advise clients about their claims handling and anticipated claims decisions before those decisions are ever made. We believe such proactive “litigation avoidance” counseling is often the client’s most effective use of legal resources. When litigation does arise, our attorneys are experts. We regularly represent a significant majority of the major life and disability carriers around the country in bad faith and related claims.

Not surprisingly, the life and disability litigation arena has attracted a number of plaintiffs’ counsel who specialize in this field. Our attorneys have an exceptionally broad knowledge of the strengths, weaknesses and litigation styles of the plaintiffs’ bar “players” in this field. Knowing the litigation proclivities of our legal adversaries has proven to be exceptionally advantageous to our clients.

Reputation. Credibility. Character.